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Our Vision and Mission

At BeeSport , we are convinced that children are our future. What they will become tomorrow will be the result of their education and the attention given to them today. As a children's sports association in the Brussels region, we have a responsibility to provide young people with a springboard  for personal development.

Our goal is to enable children to learn the basics of responsibility for life in society, a balanced life and tolerance towards others.

We value an inclusive environment , and promote  women's sport as well as diversity in general, with respect and acceptance of differences.


Would you like to know more about our procedures? Want to participate? Browse our site and contact us today.



"A person's success is determined by the games of his childhood. Every man hides within him a child who wants to play"
Friedrich Nietzsch

Beesport an Educational Philosophy

Commitment, transparency, evolution. These three values are the pillars of BeeSport asbl. We are wholeheartedly committed to everything we do, and we share everything with the Brussels community by inviting anyone who wishes to participate. We want to constantly reinvent things, because all actions evolve according to individuals and encounters. This philosophy is the engine of BeeSport.

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